Thursday, April 12, 2012

News: More found footage hooey
                America loves three things: Apple pie, “Dancing with the Stars” and found footage movies.
                That’s it. Everything else is just getting in the way of loving those three things even more.
                Sadly, I have no new apple pie recipes to share with you or rumors about who Urkel punched out behind the scenes on “Dancing with the Stars” this week.
                But I do have a new found footage movie to talk to you about and this one is VERY meta. Very.
                It’s called “Documenting the Grey Man” and it’s about a group of actors pretending to be paranormal investigators who are determined to prove ghosts are products of mass hysteria. Everything is going swimmingly until they meet up with a family who claims to be tormented by a ghastly spirit. Before long, bad times for poseur actors ensue.
                  So to recap: We’ve got actors playing actors playing paranormal investigators. Wooo boy that’s deep.
                Even better than its meta-ness? “Documenting the Grey Man” looks like shear and utter garbage.
                People get pulled under beds, shout at no one in particular, little girls levitate. Basically, it looks like every other crappy, non-“Paranormal Activity” found footage movie that’s come out in recent years only with worse acting. Much worse.
                These actors aren’t good enough to play one character, let alone a character playing a character.
                Watch the trailer and behold the awfulness. “Documenting the Grey Man” hits DVD shelves on July 17 for you masochists out there.

                Source: Arrow in the Head

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