Wednesday, April 25, 2012

News: Dragons and scary movies
 New 'Scary Movie' ... uh finally, I guess?

                I’m a movie snob, but I’m also a fan of stupid movies, and really, stupid humor as a whole.
                I guess that’s just another thing I have in common with an ogre--- we both have layers.
                So anyway, being a fan of stupid humor, I must admit that I like“Scary Movie 3.” I mostly completely hated the first two, but the third one tickles my funny bone. I mean look at this stuff, comedy gold I tells ya!

Now, I was massively disappointed by part four, which means I went into part four of a franchise expecting it not to suck, which I guess makes me an idiot.
That being the case, this is not exactly good news: Six years after the last entry, the evil cabal known as Hollywood has decided to dust off the stagnant franchise and make a part five.
And it’s got a director and a start date and everything. The man calling the shots is Malcolm D. Lee, who’s also responsible for “Undercover Brother,” so it’s not all bad news.
“Scary Movie 5” is slated to start filming this summer.
 Source: Joblo

SYFY captures a ‘Dragon’

I love me some Stephen King. One of my all-time favorite King books is "Eyes of the Dragon," a little fantasy story set in a world of swords and castles and such about a young prince, a murdered king and a dastardly wizard.
Normally I’m not big on fantasy, but this oddball, unique little story has always held a special place for me amongst King’s usual horror fare.
When I heard it was getting a cinematic treatment, I was pretty psyched, eager to see “Eyes of the Dragon” bought to life. Then I heard it was SYFY who’d be doing the treating and bringing to life, and my spirits were immediately dashed.
No word yet on what exactly SYFY plans to do to the series, but it’s being called a “long form project” by Entertainment Weekly. That could mean TV series, mini-series, or maybe something else entirely. Who knows?
SYFY is of course the channel that bought us such masterpieces as: “Dinocroc vs. Supergator,” “Mega Snake” and “Flu Bird Horror.” That last one sounds like a bad translation from another language, but no, it’s an actual movie.
SYFY Channel has an awful track record and it tends to lean towards the no-budget, when-in-doubt-CGI mindsets. On top of that, King’s book-to-screen track record isn’t all that great either, so this project really could be an unmitigated disaster.
We shall see.
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