Wednesday, March 6, 2013

News: 'Twilight' is a big ol' sin

Hating on “Twilight” is old hat and, frankly, a little blow this here blog. I’ve purposefully avoided reviewing any of these movies because A) I know I’m going to hate them all, and B) They weren’t meant for me, they were meant for people who loved the books for some reason.
                So yeah, no point in reviewing ’em. I’m a busy man. I need to follow Wes Craven and Alex Aja around and yell at them for things.
                And yet here we are on this Wednesday evening. We were promised snow and thus far, nothing. It’s an evening of lies.
                It’s also an evening of no interesting news stories on the bad movie front. No stories at all … except … for …
                The good folks over at CinemaSins have set their critical eyes on “Twilight.” In case you’re unfamiliar with their work, the CinemaSins gang has produced such hit Youtube videos as “Everything Wrong with ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ in 3 Minutes or Less,” “Everything Wrong with ‘Avatar in 3 Minutes or Less,” and “Everything Wrong with ‘The Hunger Games’ in 3 Minutes or Less.”
                Basically, they go in and mock/nitpick a movie until it can be mocked and nitpicked no more.
                And boy do they go to town on “Twilight.” The wind up finding over a 100 things wrong with the movie, many of which involved Kristen Stewart’s dead-fish portrayal of Bella Swan.
                For comparison's sake, that's over 40 more problems than they found with "Skyfall," despite that movie being way longer than "Twilight." 
                You can check out the video if you’d like right here.

                Personally, I’ll stick with MST3K and Rifftrax, but to each their own.
                Source: NBC News

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