Tuesday, March 5, 2013

News: Oooooh! 'Evil' sequels everywhere

Raimi makes everyone's day

The “Evil Dead” remake is right around the corner and the horror world is holding its breath in a sickly mix of fear and anticipation. Will it be good? Will it suck horribly? Is there even the slightest chance of a Bruce Campbell cameo?
                 So many questions, but no answers until one month from today, April 5 of this year. Until then. We wait.
                Well, we wait and we get this news from BleedingCool.
                While pimping his latest effort, “Oz: The Great and Powerful” in London, original “Evil Dead” director Sam Raimi dropped a bombshell.
                He wants to make “Evil Dead 4.” Not a remake, reboot or reimagining. An honest-to-God American sequel. Or four-ple.
                 He added that he and his brother (most likely Ivan) plan on working on the script … wait for it … this summer!
                This isn’t some idle pillow talk from Raimi. This sounds like a frigging plan!
                Just wonderful news. So even if the remake ends up as a massive disaster, there’s a potential sequel to the original franchise looming on the horizon, just waiting to make everything OK.
                God speed Raimi brothers. Make it so!
                Source: BleedingCool

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Is the sun setting on 'Resident Evil'? 
                And then there’s this sequel news. Not as exciting, or really at all exciting, but you know. It’s a thing.
                There’s more “Resident Evil” a-coming. Well, at least one more.
                Sony has greenlit “Resident Evil 6” and given it a release date of September 12, 2014.
                No confirmation yet on whether the bad Paul Anderson will be back to direct, or if his lovely wife Mila Jovovich will return for part six, but duh. They’ll be there.
                After part four came out, Anderson did lots of talking about how he was starting up a new trilogy of films, meaning this one could very well be the last of the Anderson/Jovovich “Resident Evil” film series.
                So yeah. Grab some tissues and such. It’s so hard … to say goodbye … to yesterday.
                I’m strongly, strongly considering a “Resident Evil” week or marathon or something where I watch all five of these movies. Well, really, I don’t think the first one belongs on The Cheese List. That’s a good movie. Part two sucks and I haven’t seen the rest.
                I’ll keep you posted.
                Source: Shock Til You Drop   

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