Friday, March 18, 2011

The Room (2003)

Recommended By: Tara Tanzos and Kaitlyn Swift
Credentials: 3.3 out of 10 ( 31% Certified Rotten ( N/A (
Plot: A guy buys his gal a dress. She puts it on and the two of them wander onto a cheap porno set to do the nasty. Some kid shows up and claims he wants to watch. Everyone has a good laugh at the creepy little bugger who then leaves to go do some homework. A really horrible song kicks in and the guy and his gal get down to business in the biblical sense…
It was around this time my computer decided it had enough and it ejected the DVD. True story. “The Room” is so bad that my computer stopped playing it.
 It would simply go no further. It was like that episode of “Boy Meets World” where the kids all go on strike. Only, I don’t have Mr. Feeney at my disposal to get it to finish playing the stinking movie.
                So here I am left wondering: what’s going to happen? Will the creepy kid earn himself a one way ticket to the clink? Just how many years can a peeping Tom get? Especially one with a goofy hair cut? Will the guy and the gal end up together in the end or in a shocking twist: will she pick the creepy kid instead? Most importantly, will that god-awful song ever end?
                These are the questions I’m left with after my computer’s untimely protest.
                I guess I can’t be that mad. I have put it through hell the past couple of months with all these horrible movies. Maybe I’ll pop in “Terminator 2” just to give it a shot of class.
                Anyway, until I’m able to track down another copy of “The Room”--- one that my computer agrees to play--- this review shall remain incomplete.
                I was able to capture one screen shot before everything went hay wire. Here it is:
Ah yes the Adam Sandler formula. Hideous man + attractive woman = totally believable, realistic relationship that in no way seems contrived or painfully forced. 
                So there it is. The first seven minutes of “The Room.” Hopefully, I’ll get to the remaining 92 before long. Fingers crossed. Come on computer! Man the fork up as the French say!

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