Wednesday, June 6, 2012

News: 'Transformers' AND 'Justice League!'
Bay leaks some alien robot news

I’m going to take a moment and talk to that one guy who, despite three failures ranging from moderate to earth-shattering, is still looking forward to “Transformers 4.”
                Get out.
                You’re no longer welcome in America. We don’t want your tax dollars and we certainly can’t have you voting or reproducing. I’ve heard that Canada has some room up North. Maybe you can move there, but like the man said… you can’t stay here.
                Now that that’s settled, franchise-helmer Michael Bay dropped some knowledge on what he’s got planned for “Transformers Part 4.”
                A brand-spanking new cast AND some slightly new character designs! Maybe in this one all the main bad guys won’t turn into planes. Just a thought.
                Oh yeah, and Bay also said this will be his last go-around directing a movie based on toys about killer robots from outer space. Part five will be directed by some other schmo.
                Whoops. Should have put a spit take warning in there. Yes, there will also be a “Transformers Part 5” coming out at some point.
                There’s just so much umm… story left to wring out of this franchise. Story of course being street slang for “billions of sweet, sweet dollars.”
                Source: Joblo
‘Justice League’ ready for action?

                So that “Avengers” movie did alright for itself, huh?
                While Marvel head Stan Lee has spent the last month or so doing swan dives into a swimming pool filled with money a la Scrooge McDuck, rival comic book firm DC has silently brooded.
                Well, as much as one can silently brood when you’ve got your own box-office crushing global phenomenon (“The Dark Knight Rises”) waiting in the wings.
                Still, Marvel was able to get many of its biggest characters together for one movie, while DC’s own superhero gang, the Justice League, seemed a far off dream.
                Not so fast. According to Variety, it seems DC’s partner, Warner Brothers, has hired itself a screenwriter to start work on a Justice League film. A screenwriter by the name of Will Beall (“Gangster Squad”).
                Ain’t it Cool News has speculated DC might do the opposite of what marvel did and start with all of the superheroes together, before sending them off in different directions for their own films. Marvel. Of course, used the individual movies to build up to the big group outing.
                Will it work? Definitely. With Superman and Batman in one movie, “Justice League” would be guaranteed to make silly money. Will it be as good? Probably not. This stinks of a green-eyed rush job to me.
                Source: Ain’t It Cool News  

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